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Grotte Chauvet Pont D'arc

  • The poster of the Chauvet Cave's exposition.
  • A group visit in the first room of the Chauvet Cave's Exposition.
  • A questions game is available for the children for a funnier visit.
  • Reconstruction of a prehistoric settlement found in the Ardeche gorges.
  • Stuffed animals evoking the fauna of the Chauvet Cave artists' time
  • The Chauvet Cave exposition.
  • The Chauvet Cave exposition.
  • Explanation of the main artworks of the Chauvet Cave shown on back-lit panels.
  • Reconstruction of a prehistoric artist drawing one of the fresco of the cave.
  • Exclusive movie picture of 25 minutes made by the three persons who discovered the Chauvet Cave.

Discovered in 1994 and candidate to the world heritage list of the UNESCO, the Chauvet cave is one of the greatest artworks of prehistoric arts and the oldest known at this time (36000 years old). Thanks to the Chauvet cave's exposition, you will discover the treasures of these unique remnants !

Thanks to the numerous presentation panels, objects, reconstructions and pictures shown on a 600 square meters space, the Exposition of the Chauvet Cave shows the exceptionnal state of preservation of the artwork and the archeologic artefacts discovered in the famous cave. The visit ends with a 25 minutes movie pictures, made by the very persons that found the cave, making you feel the emotion they had at the moment it happened. A game for the children leads them to the discovery of the prehistoric man : the first artist of mankind !

The exposition is open from the 15 march to the 15 november from 10 to 12 and from 14 to 17h30 (10h-13h / 15h-19h in july and in august).

Exposition permanente - Rue Miarou - 07150 Vallon Pont D'arc

04 75 37 17 68


N 44° 24' 29'' - E 04° 23' 48''
By road :

Vallon Pont d'Arc is 35 km west of Pierrelatte (26), à 28 km south of Aubenas (07) and 46 km north of Alès (30).

The Exposition of the Chauvet Cave is located near the townhall (mairie) and next to the bus parking lot.

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